About B. Unique

The point of all this...

B.Unique was just a shy woman that had been tormented with criticism and bullying her whole life. Mostly for her unique choice of attire, but also for her attitude. Not wanting to be like all the rest of the boring trendy people. This has gained her the name "The Unique Bitch" for her fashion sense and her sharp tongued mouth. With her products and personally designed jackets, purses and accessories, she hopes to create a buzz that shows "We don't care what you think, we wear what WE want!"

She strives to help others find their INNER BITCH/CONFIDENCE to build strength within themselves too. 

At Unique Bitch, we take the art of being unique very seriously and strive to help build confidence for those who need it. So our products are here to express yourself in a way that promotes owning your right to be you and dress however YOU want!

 B.Unique also talks about ways to build your confidence and your unique style on her YouTube Channel: "Fashionably Late with B!" Stop by and subscribe today and perhaps find ways to build a wardrobe and an attitude that is all YOU!